Our mission is to reinvent the way you thought about activewear.  

Activewear so perfect you won’t want to take it off all day. We created an advanced product line that you can wear for whatever you consider working out. Life is lived on the go, this is why we are mixing performance with comfort in all of our products – so whether you’re sweating at a workout, walking your dog, going to lunch, running your kids to school, or are just on the go, you can think of 320DTLA as your everyday attire. That is the idea behind 320DTLA, to offer eco-friendly activewear, where you only have to change your shoes throughout the day. 
These goals inspire everything we do at 320DTLA.
Dreamed in Los Angeles and manufactured in Budapest. 

Why 320? Let us explain! We know that life is a sport so we made activewear for every situation.


For low impact activities, for days when you don’t plan to work out, but want to be prepared for it just in case.


Made with performance fabrics for mid to high impact activities, for days you plan on getting in a good sweat.


For no impact activities, for days when comfort is in the forefront.


For much of her life Rebeka has been into a healthy lifestyle, sports, her body and mind. She has always loved being comfortable in her own body and wanted to create a product line that you cannot wait to wake up to, put on and feel comfortable throughout the entire day.

Rebeka was born and raised in Budapest Hungary, and moved to Los Angeles in her twenties to attend FIDM. She graduated with a Fashion Design Degree. After working at various local designers in Los Angeles, she decided to take the LA sun and what she has learned about an active lifestyle back to Europe, and launched her own activewear line under the name 320DTLA.

Rebeka loves colors, and functionality. She designs for women and men who are on the go and want to dress elevated but still comfortably. This is 320DTLA’s mission.


While we still have a long way to go, we constantly keep sustainability in mind throughout the development process. Our Hero black fabric is made sustainably with 100% recycled Plastic Bottles that support our sustainability edge, turning trash into tight fitting treasure material.

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