The story of 320DTLA Robinson hoodie

The Robinson hoodie and I have a real story together. During the process of designing this specific item, I looked at it and suddenly the name Robinson came to my mind by accident. At first, I hadn’t given much thought to it, but as it hit the market, it soon became a bestseller and it occured to me – this is a simile. This piece of clothing represents the travelogue of true 320DTLA incidents in our brand history.

Robinson Crusoe was an adventurous, historical fiction novel, which was well received in the literary world. The story is set on a deserted tropical island and tells the story of a man who shows true willpower and ingenuity while trying to survive.

And here is where the similarities appear. This piece of clothing has helped me to start my own adventures in the world of fashion, and thus creating something unique and different. Although this company is still small, and it is like a small island in the world of fashion industry, we want to achieve as much as we can, making an impact on the fashion trends, as globally as possible. We are trying to capture the essence of California vibe, trends and atmosphere, and convey it through our brand to the best of our abilities.

Our mission is to spread love, joy and sunlight, and draw attention to the importance of a happy, balanced, healthy lifestyle.

This is how our simple, oversized Robinson hoodie ended up being a key element of our brand, with its special, neoprene fabric and happy colors. It has the best fit and several different design features. It sports a nice V panel stitching by the neckline and grabs your attention at once. Our ultimate favorite is the champagne colored piece which will immediately make your eyes sparkle.